Couple Reports Seeing Man Beating Infant in Car on Freeway, Child Dies Two Days Later

Jayceon Christie (L) and Daniel Cox (R)

Jayceon Christie (L) and Daniel Cox (R)

*Please be warned, this is a devastating story to tell. It begs an answer to several questions, such as: How can such hate exist inside a human being?  What kind of beast would do such a thing? And a question involving parental rights as determined by laws in this country posed in a scenario at the end of the article. A call came in to 911 just before 7 p.m. on Thursday from a couple who was driving down a Kentucky highway. They said they were following behind a gold Mercury Grand Marquis, where they reported seeing a man repeatedly striking a child in a car seat.

Police rushed to search for the vehicle, but fifteen minutes later discovered  Daniel Cox had pulled up to Kimberly Chrystie’s home, and handed her their 4-month-old son before speeding away.

The infant, named Jayceon Chrystie, was black and blue all over. And his unresponsive little body barely clung onto life. He had no pulse and his eye was swollen shut.

Two days later the infant was dead.

The father, who has been charged with murder, did not live with the child’s mother. But court records reveal he had asked the woman if he could take their son out for a visit on Thursday.

They were gone for two hours.

The man was seen driving with the infant along a highway in Radcliff, Kentucky — about 45 miles south of Louisville — when the call about the suspected beating came in, according to court records.

Dena Stevenson told WLKY-TV that she and her family drove behind the Grand Marquis for miles, and it looked like the man was beating the child in the head and the chest.

Officers began searching for the car.

When Cox arrived at the home of the child’s mother fifteen minutes later, and dropped the baby into her arms and took off, the woman became frantic and immediately called police.

“He dropped my child off almost two hours later, beat up all black and blue,” she wrote in a request for a protective order she filed against Cox Friday. “I called 911 as soon as I seen my son.”

Court records show that Jayceon was not breathing and had no pulse. Police also detailed his injuries that say he had a swollen left eye and right cheek; and “major bruising on his back and buttocks.”

His injuries were said to be “consistent with a child being assaulted and abused,” police wrote in the arrest warrant.”

Emergency medics attempted resuscitation on the child and Cox was tracked to Louisville, where according to Radcliff Police Capt. Willie Wells, he was arrested on an assault charge.

The baby was taken to a hospital in Louisville, but was removed from life support Saturday night.

Cox’s charge has now been upgraded to murder.

Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Robert Fraction told The Associated Press on Sunday that Jayceon died of an “inflicted traumatic injury to the head.”

Family and friends showed up at the mother’s house on Monday, where a relative said funeral arrangements are being prepared, but declined any further comment.

On Monday, Cox’s bond was set at $500,000. A public defender was appointed for him, along with an order for him to return to court on Friday.

Editors Note: Can’t you just imagine the following scenario, in asking yourself how could this poor baby’s death have been avoided? If the mother had refused to allow the baby’s father access to the child, he would have gotten Social Services involved. They most likely would have insisted on his rights to see his child, and the same thing would have happened. How do you think this could have been avoided? How can other children be spared this unfathomable abuse?

Let’s talk about this. PLEASE!


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  1. Honestly, I don’t think it could have been avoided for the reasons mentioned above. This is so sad. Even if there were signs of danger social services STILL would have forced her to allow him to see and take the baby. That’s a screwed up agency anyway. Useless. Just my opinion!

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