Watch: Baltimore Area Fast-Food Employee Wipes Floor with Bun Before Adding Meat

Checkers employee

*Good lord. I don’t know if there are still people out there who even eat fast food. Though I suspect there are because these places still exist. But maybe this will be your last straw. The last piece of proof you need to finally, without a doubt say, “I’m done here.”

An employee of a Checkers fast food restaurant in the Baltimore area was captured on video (Scroll down) as she wiped the floor with a hamburger bun, and then proceeded to add the pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.

And get this, the store actually defended her. On camera. Before basically asking us to ignore what you saw and just take us at our word…”She said she never served the burger to anyone.”


So let’s collectively see if we got this straight. The employee caught doing this says she never actually served the sandwich she so carefully prepared after wiping the floor with it.

And we’re supposed to take her at what, her word?

And in what can only be seen as adding insult to injury, the chain’s Sr. VP of Human Resources, Lori Malcolm, spoke on a video (Scroll down) with a straight face, mind you, about the company’s loyalty to its consumer guests and the high standards they place on quality when preparing our food.

Yes, the same food handled by the young woman who wiped the floor with a hamburger bun.

Malcolm tells us how “sorry the employee is” after they spoke with her and her mother. And at the very end, makes an effort to reassure us that this will not occur again as they have terminated the employee.

Are you buying this? I sure hope not.

Boy I would’ve loved to be a “fly on that wall” as the employee explained her actions. Why would she go through the motions of making a sandwich she didn’t intend to serve? And why would we be expected to believe she didn’t.

Still SMH. Your thoughts?

Video #1: The Evidence.

Video #2: The Apology

2 thoughts on “Watch: Baltimore Area Fast-Food Employee Wipes Floor with Bun Before Adding Meat”

  1. I jest love the way that fast food place apologies are so sincere, when they had the woman reading off the dummy cards in front of her. Well at least it’s better than saying, “hay three second rule”. Lol, dumb as.

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