ThisNthat Series: Our Black Community vs. Their Rogue Cops, What You Should Know

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*We know that not all who took the vows to protect and serve are rogue. Not all policemen and women possess inner demons of racism; and those who do, should be professional enough not to use their authority to mask it. We would like to believe that one day, at some time, the more responsible officers will stand up and exercise courage and decency — and not just go along — when they see, know, hear or believe that one of their own has committed an injustice towards a civilian.

We’d like to believe these things, though we rarely see them demonstrated.

So in the meantime, we need to take the best precautions possible. We are seeing too many examples of rogue cops and ill-trained officers losing control and blatantly serving abundant dishes of injustice in plain sight. Contrary to what appears to be their belief, Black lives DO matter. (Check out the “Black Lives Matter” song in a video at the end of this article).

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In what we at EURThisNthat hope to offer as an ongoing series during these difficult times — based on our readers level of interest -we will consult with various professionals from law enforcement, legal, community activists, leaders from agencies on recidivism, and more to get answers to your questions, greater insight, and advice on what to look out for, and how to deal with various situations of racial injustice that arise in our community.

DISCLAIMER: We know that this series will meet with criticism by those who have lost hope; have become comfortable with their anger and lack the ability to hear suggestions, not to mention the cruelty that will come from being anonymous. In other words: the haters. All we can say to you is, don’t dirty the desire of the rest of us who know that we deserve better and will not rest until we get it.

For starters: We spoke with retired LAPD Sergeant, Cheryl Dorsey, an African American woman, regular speaker on CNN, and featured columnist at EURweb.We asked Ms. Dorsey, what can we as black people, do or say if we are stopped in our car by an officer who has an apparent escalating attitude.

Be respectful, and ask: Can you please call a supervisor?”

Or, if this suits your situation better, say, “Sir/Ma’am, I am willing to do all that you ask, but can you please call a supervisor in the meantime?”

Did you know we actually have a right to request that the officer contact a supervisor?

Dorsey also suggests…

“It would be a good idea to put the phone number of your local police station, not 911, your actual local police station, on speed dial in your phone. And when you call, be calm but with a sense of urgency say, ‘I have an emergency. I would like to speak to the Watch Commander.'”

WE WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK WITH ANOTHER ARTICLE (and feature mini installments in between!)

Do you have an experience to share; a comment to make or question to ask on this topic?

Please contact us via email or comment in the section below. We read all comments and if yours is one that we feel strikes a chord in the community, we will feature it in a larger article.

We also welcome photographs and audio of incidents that happen in your neighborhood and will credit you for its use. You can send these documents to  [email protected]

Check out the beautiful BLACK LIVES MATTER song in the video below!


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