Roland Martin Comes After Donald Trump Crony That Called Him ‘Quota Hire!’

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*Just when you got comfortable with the thought that there couldn’t be a bigger idiot than Donald Trump out there, his adviser Roger Stone shows up.

Trump, the gazillionaire who proved that having hordes of Benjamin’s doesn’t automatically bestow you with good sense by making an amazingly stupid and insensitive remark about Mexican immigrants, apparently takes advice from a man cut from the same cloth.

A few weeks ago, Stone wrote a tweet that called CNN’s Ana Navarro, a republican strategist and commentator from Nicaragua, the “dumbest person on TV since CNN fired moron @Rolandmartin.”

He then added that both commentators were “quota hires.”

Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Martin, a commentator for TV One and host of News One Now, only became aware of the shade thrown by Stone on Tuesday because the adviser used an incorrect twitter handle.

And Martin didn’t let the insult slide.

Martin’s first tweet said, “So @realDonaldTrump has already fired one racist campaign aide this week. He needs to now fire despicable @RogerJStoneJr.”

Martin was referring to the firing of Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who had called Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter a n***** in  a 2007 Facebook post. Nunberg did apologize and Sharpton accepted.

Roland Martin followed his first tweet to Stone with this second one:

“I’m that Black guy who isn’t afraid of punks like you. You’re Mr. Candy. I’m Django.  I’m a free Black man. Deal with it!”

Mr. Martin, all I can say is, #youaretooclassyforthatidiot…Any of your colleagues and fans would’ve said much worse.




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