Why is This Cleveland Cop Pointing His Gun at Two Unarmed Women?

Cleveland cop points gun at unarmed woman

*Thanks to a quick-thinking motorist, this photo showing a Cleveland police officer aiming his service weapon at two obviously unarmed black women during an accident investigation raises concern about the continuing trend of unnecessary force used by police officers .

The photo was uploaded to Reddit.com by the witness, and went viral thereafter; with angry and insulted Reddit users posting their expressions on the cops actions.

“Never been more upset to live in Cleveland,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Here we go again…,” said another.

“Hopefully this makes the news and the cop responsible here is ID’d,” wrote another commenter. “If it’s true he showed zero restraint threatening car crash victims then he does not deserve that badge.”

As the news attracted media attention, the Cleveland Police Department released the cop’s report of the incident.

According to that officers report, he had witnessed the women’s car ram 2 other vehicles while fleeing from authorities.

2 men in the women’s car jumped out and ran, and the 2 women allegedly refused the cop’s orders to stay in the car.

Of course its the cop’s word against the women’s. And the back door of their vehicle is open so, in fairness, there could have been other passengers that escaped.

But we’ve seen and heard from previous Dashcam footage and audio how officers twist reality to protect themselves. This may or may not be the case here; yet either way, the women are unarmed.

So why is this cop pointing a gun at them? 

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