Eyes Wide Open: New Gallup Poll Shows All Races Agree Blacks Most Mistreated in USA


*With all the blatant signs of racial hatred being thrown at black folk from every direction — over these past three years in particular, I guess it would take a targeted study to question if its just us being paranoid (For the record, hell no! But just putting it out there) or if those of other races and ethnicities actually see it too.

Well a recent study shows they do.

In June 2,000 US adults responded to a new Gallup poll and found that Americans across the race, gender and ethnic spectrum agree that there is more unfair treatment against black people.

Now that a poll has acknowledged what black folk already know, does this necessarily mean these other races give a f**k? (See the cartoon at the end of the article).

One step at a time, I guess.

Read on…

The poll represents a timeline from 2013-2015, and the study also includes black respondents (just wait until you see how they responded below). The results of the so-named “Satisfaction Survey” saw a drop in satisfaction on how blacks are treated in the U. S. and the drop is probably due to the unbridled acts of police brutality; that appears to be getting worse since the killing of an unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and now the growing trend of mysterious deaths of black women in jail awaiting their first day in court.


gallup black treatment

Of course this drop in satisfaction doesn’t mean that white people are not satisfied with the way blacks are treated in America. Just less satisfied than they were a few years back. Vox.com reports the Gallup poll references a majority (53 percent) of white Americans are satisfied with how black people are treated in the US.

But the real shocker will be, or should be the following Gallup poll result: 33 percent of black Americans say they’re satisfied with how black people are treated.

Yes, my black folk, 33 percent of the black Americans polled say they are fine with how our people are treated in America. This is not only sad. It’s alarming.

gallup black treatment setting2

Though you can go to Vox.com to read more on this (once there, scroll down to the box at the bottom of the page), below is a graph meant to show the disparity of those killed by police during arrest by race. As you will see, the graph actually shows that more whites overall have been killed; which immediately makes it suspect. But the article does caution its data is “incomplete, since its based on voluntary reports from police agencies around the country.”




Don’t leave yet! The cartoon below adequately revisits the do they care question posed at the top of this article.

cartoon on race

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