Gravestones: Look at These ‘Creepy’ But Creative ‘Forever Homes’ (Pictures)

Inscription: "Dogs are man's best friend"

“Dogs are man’s best friend”

*Well chances are it’s not a topic families sit around talking about: What ours or a family members’ gravestone will look like. At least not African American families. And if we absolutely must speak on it, its usually while sitting in the office of the funeral home, and describing the granite gravestone as something rather simple; you know, with a message stating “Gone but not forgotten” or something lovingly eloquent.

But honey chile, some people obviously get real creative when it comes to the creation of their loved ones forever home. I mean, have you ever seen a gravestone built like a cellphone?  How about one shaped like a sports car? Certainly you’ve seen one with the man sucking the rhino’s…well.

Like I said, creepy but creative.

Check ’em out. Worst case scenario, you get a few ideas.

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