White House Now Involved in Petition to Extradite Dentist that Killed ‘Cecil the Lion’

RIP Cecil.
RIP Cecil.

*If you are taking the killing of Zimbabwe’s most famous big cat, Cecil, lightly (shame on you!) you are definitely in the minority. Animal lovers and activists alike are up in arms about it and mad as hell at Walt Palmer, the American dentist from Minnesota who bribed guides £35,000 to hunt (he first wounded him with a bow and arrow) and ultimately kill (and shot him dead 40 hours later) Cecil, just for sport.

Cecil’s decapitated, skinned body was found about half a mile out of Hwange National Park, after he had been lured out at night with bait. Animals are only allowed to be killed within the park during the day – and with a permit.

Celebrities are beginning to come out of the woodwork to see Palmer punished. And actress Mia Farrow even went so far as to reveal Palmer’s home address on Twitter; an action admonished by social media users (she deleted it after the criticism), but lauded by animal lover and legendary TV host, Bob Barker.

“Well, if by publicizing his address they can make him miserable, I say publicize that address,” the Price Is Right host told Entertainment Tonight. “Because this man deserves to be made miserable for years to come.”

Walt Palmer on left shows off his latest trophy.
Walt Palmer on left shows off his latest trophy.

And now the White House has become involved. With more than 100,000 signatures on a petition to extradite Dr. Palmer, who has received death threats and gone into hiding, TWH has stated it will respond to the petition, but spokesperson Josh Earnest notes it is the Justice Department that will respond to an extradition order.

Interesting to note, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force told TMZ that as much as they condemn what Dr. Walter Palmer did to their beloved lion, they don’t think he deserves the torrent of threats that have come his way.

The org thinks the dentist should actually return to Zimbabwe and do community service. They suggest he repent for his bad deed by providing free dental services to the poor.

That would be a good start, but I wouldn’t count on it being the finish. This won’t easily disappear.

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