LAPD Says #100days100nights: ‘Things Have Calmed Down’

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Allow me to agree with your skepticism and not get comfortable with any false sense of security such as that referred to in the headline. L.A.P.D. says things have calmed down in the alleged gang-related threat that promised to slaughter a hundred random people over the next 100 days.

Only thing is, and you’ve got to wonder, what is their statement based on? Well here’s your answer:

The past 5 days.

This piece is being written today, Thursday, July 30. And according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, “Deputy Chief Bill Scott said the LAPD’s 77th Street Division — the epicenter of this weekend’s violence — had not seen a gang-related shooting since Saturday night.”

Since Saturday, huh? You do the math.

“Things have calmed down,” Scott said. “It kind of validates what we’ve been saying that we can’t validate this thing as being true.”

Oh yeah, about that. Some media cites (like Snopes) are saying the threat is just a hoax. Said to incite fear in people and even capitalize of an already heightened sense of vulnerability.


After all, based on what has been demonstrated in the far and recent past, whether the “gang” wears a red or blue bandana, or a gold plated shield with a license to carry a gun, that’s apparently how punk-ass bytches operate.

But I’ll remain cautious, thank you very much. And I suggest you, my fellow neighbors in the public, nonviolence domain, do too.

In this supposed slow-down of killings, Scott does mention two reported shootings that came in to LAPD’s 77th Street Division since Saturday. But he says those don’t count. Neither of them were considered gang-related. One was just an act of an apparent road rage shortly after midnight Monday at Florence and Normandie; and the other was some man wounded about 11:50 p.m. near 60th Street and Budlong Avenue.

Both incidents, by the way, in the same vicinity (or close enough) to the one outlined in the threat manifesto.

But thankfully, Scott says the department still had extra officers in the area, though fewer were deployed than this weekend. He said LAPD officials would also continue to try and reassure residents that the rash of shootings, while tragic for the victims involved, was not that unusual for the area.

Well that should take a load off.

The deputy chief said he believed the response to the weekend’s violence was fueled primarily by the social media speculation.

“The fear, it’s still out there. It takes a while to dial this stuff back,” he said. “That thing took on a life of its own.”

Uh huh. That’s true. You got us there, sir. You can’t kill content. Just people.

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