Alligator Found Strolling Down the Streets of ‘The Big Apple’ (Watch)


*Well dang, New Yorker’s are probably known for their “I’ve seen it all” posture.” They are known to be tough, resilient and no-nonsense. But in black-folk-speak: I’ll bet they asses ran like hell when they saw a three-foot alligator strolling across Ninth Avenue and 205th Street in Inwood on Thursday afternoon.

I’ll bet all bets were off like a mo-fo with that tough, I’ve seen it all before exterior.

The reptile was captured and taken to the Animal Care & Control of New York City, but died unexpectedly since then, according to the Associated Press and the New York Daily News.

The 34th Precinct, which picked up the roaming reptile, tweeted a photo of it – joking that it was just looking for a ride outside of NYC.

It is so sad and unfortunate that the animal died. Officials don’t know the cause of death yet, but it would have been great if a safe place was found for it to retreat.

Authorities say the alligators that pop up in the area’s waterways – and in this case streets – generally come from escaped or released former pets.

Exotic pet shop owner Lewis Gaudio,  told Capital New York in 2012 that a small alligator can run around $125 at local reptile shows in Pennsylvania.

And there is a $250 fine from the state government if you are caught owning an alligator, but the cost doesn’t really seem to dissuade people from buying them.

“I mean, you can’t sell primates in New York either, but people still have monkeys at their place,” Mr. Gaudio said.

Watch the video report of this scary moment in the life of a New Yorker directly below.

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