Video: Sandra Bland Death, ‘No Evidence’ to Support Homicide, So Suicide it Is (WTF!)


*This news is going to rile a whole lot of people up!

According to the Chicago AFP since no evidence was found at an autopsy on Sandra Bland to suggest homicide, prosecutors say her death has been ruled a suicide.

Bland, 28, was found hanging with a trash bag around her neck, from a privacy partition in her jail cell, three days after being pulled over because she did not use her signal to change lanes; and supposedly got into an argument with the state trooper who arrested her.

Bland’s incarceration and subsequent death caused public outrage; with her loved ones, community leaders and civic groups demanding justice.

Even with that, her family, friends and extended community gets none with this ruling.

Her family insisted on an independent autopsy when suicide was first suggested. Her reasons to live appeared numerous, starting with the fact that she had just interviewed for, and was offered and accepted, a new job. No stranger to hard times, Bland had admitted on social media a past of depression, but her smile and encouragement on YouTube posts was an indicator that things were looking up.

As Prosecutors walked reporters through Bland’s autopsy report on Thursday, graphic photos were shown.

The evidence from the autopsy is “consistent with a suicide” and “I have not seen any evidence to indicate this was a homicide,” assistant district attorney Warren Diepraam told reporters.

According to an initial toxicology report, marijuana was also found  in Bland’s system. And claims that there were about 30 cut marks on her left wrist that looked to be about two to four weeks old were reported.

These latest claims do raise a several red flags. One being, with jailers knowing that signs of a struggle would point to them, there would be no surprise in them overpowering a woman of Bland’s stature; in a way that would leave no marks. Secondly, if someone truly intended on killing themselves by cutting their wrist, would it really take 30 cuts to do so?

Something stinks here and it ain’t my breath.

Now they say Bland actually told her jailors that she had previously attempted to kill herself. Why would she tell these folks who she knew didn’t give one damn about whether she lived or died, something like this.

What, did she become buddies with them all of a sudden?

Well, her new buddies, after learning this information, didn’t think enough of it to place her on suicide watch.

We are unsure whether this was the independent autopsy that was initiated by the family. From what we can tell, it is not.

It will be interesting what that one reveals.

Watch a report of the ABC News video below. Be reminded, it is at times such as this, that we must (even more so) consider the source.

ABC US News | World News

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