Memphis Teen Shot & Killed in Mistaken Identity, Officer Suspended With Pay

Darrius Stewart

*An African American teen was shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity. Darrius Stewart, 19, had been riding in a car with a broken headlight when officer Connor Schilling pulled him over. Stewart was then placed in the back of the cops’ car over numerous outstanding warrants.

Only thing is, the warrants didn’t belong to him.

According to investigators, when Schilling went to handcuff Stewart, the teen kicked the door and attacked the officer. He is said to have then grabbed the officers handcuffs and began swinging them at him. Schilling claims he then shot Stewart to end the fight.

Stewart was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition, and died shortly thereafter. Schilling was treated at the scene for minor scratches and bruises.

Stewart’s family is now begging for answers and say that police have not given them any information about what happened to Stewart. And according to the teen’s mother, this was not the first time her son had been detained for warrants that didn’t belong to him.

She told WSMV: “They told him he could leave because he wasn’t the one they were looking for, but to be safe, because there is someone out there with the same name and lots of warrants.”

Police claim that Stewart had warrants in Iowa and Illinois for sex offense and failure to appear crimes. But they also claim that because there are no photos of the other Stewart available from the agencies that have the warrants out, they can’t currently provide answers about the warrants and they are not sure if the warrants are in fact Stewart’s.


Terry Stewart, the teen’s aunt, believes police are hiding something. She told WSMV, “We don’t understand. Police are supposed to serve and protect, yet society fears. I think they are hiding a lot of things.”

Fox13 has more information on 26-year-old officer Connor Schilling.  He has not been with the Memphis Police Dept. long, but has had several “incidents” including a DUI last year. All criminal charges were dropped, but he was suspended for 18-days. In 2013 Schilling was investigated for excessive force; but since the claims “never materialized” he was cleared in the incident.

Schilling has been relieved of duty (with pay) for killing Stewart.


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