Disorder Much: Here’s 6 Habits that Show Signs You Might Have ADHD

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*Children are generally the first to be diagnosed with a disorder like ADHD. But the diagnosis shouldn’t stop there. Many adults also have the disorder, but it can easily go unrecognized.

Yet the signs are there. You just have to know what they are.

Some of the behaviors that may mask these signs are so much a part of our everyday life, its no surprise they go undiagnosed. Like this first one. Who’d a thunk it was anything but…

1. Road Rage…”Hey! Move it buddy!”

We all get frustrated when sitting in traffic jams. They can ruin your entire day. But even moreso for someone with ADHD. For someone with this disorder its the waiting. Ugh! Being stuck in a car with nothing to do but sit and watch traffic crawl is like a slow torture.

frustrated-black-woman waiting

2. Waiting for anything is hard

And about that…the waiting. It’s pure hell for someone with ADHD. While others may see it as an inconvenience, you feel like its a lifetime in a single moment. You hit the “open door” button on the microwave before the timer hits zero. And as you wait that leg is bouncing or you are fidgeting. Just to have something to do. This is a classic sign of ADHD. You must remain occupied at all times and waiting for something brings up the severe impatience that is a symptom of ADHD.

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