Georgia Man Disfigures Girlfriend With Acid, Gets Life in Prison (Watch)

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*If he couldn’t have her, nobody else would.

Unfortunately, a Georgia woman didn’t see the writing on the wall when she decided to call it quits with her now former boyfriend. He didn’t take it well and she has now been left disfigured in an acid attack by him. Now a jury has handed down a guilty verdict; and the woman sees this as a victory not just for her, but all victims of domestic violence.

Andrew Fordham was convicted on Friday of one count of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated battery for the savage 2013 attack that left Christy Sims with burns over 20% of her body.

Sims, 44, still has some healing to do, but the divorced mother of two is relieved about the verdict but confessed that her fight isn’t entirely over.

“You’d expect for me to be overjoyed or whatever but it’s not my nature to rejoice in someone else’s demise,” she told the Daily News. “I kind of feel like no one won because I have permanent burns … and this man has lost his life.”

Sims has undergone dozens of painful surgeries and was comatose. When she awakened from her coma after the April 28 attack, she learned that no investigation had taken place; meaning Fordham had gotten away with it.

“I was in a coma for two months and no one even entered my home to investigate,” she said. “Sometimes it felt like they were working against me.”

Acid, boyfriend poured on girlfriend
Andrew Fordham

Sims said Fordham was aware that she was planning on leaving him and he pretended to slip and splashed an industrial-strength drain cleaner on her upper extremities, including her face, neck, arms and chest.

He refused to help rinse her off, even as she screamed and begged for him to call 911.

Instead, he claimed that washing her off would only intensify the chemicals, a claim which countered what a 911 dispatcher told him on the phone only moments before, Sims said.

“He said, ‘They said to sit down and wait for the ambulance because if you rinse yourself off, you’re going to ignite the chemical,'” she previously recalled to WSB-TV.

When paramedics finally arrived they hosed her down, but by then her skin was left permanently scarred.

Sims before the "accident"
Christy Sims before the “accident”

Sims, who is anxious to close this dark chapter of her life,  was asked if she would want the same thing to happen to Fordham, that happened to her. And without pause, she said no. She is interested in helping others who have been abused.

“What he did to me was so inhumane,” she told The News. “There’s no way I would ever do what he did.”

She sees Friday’s win as only the first step.

“It wasn’t just for me. This was a victory for any survivor of domestic violence,” she said while expressing thanks to Henry County Assistant District Attorney Sandy Rivers and her wide circle of friends and supporters.

A resilient woman, Sims has already put her desire to be of service to work. She has founded the nonprofit organization, The Christy Sims Foundation, which works to end domestic violence through education and awareness.

Georgia’s Fulton County Commissioner also named a day in her honor; making April 25  “Christy Sims Appreciation Day.”

Meanwhile, Fordham will face up to 20 years in prison on each of the three counts and is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday.

Though Sims said she doesn’t believe Fordham has any remorse for what he did to her, her message to other domestic abuse victims is,

“Don’t ever give up. Tell your story until someone listens.”

Watch the video news report directly below.

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