Inkster Police Laugh & Fist Bump After Beating a Man Mercilessly (Watch)

Floyd Dent in court points out those who beat him.
Floyd Dent in court points out those who beat him.

*In a video that police did not expect to see the light of day, officers from the Inkster, Michigan police dept. are now under fire after the video surfaced recently that shows how they stopped a man, pulled him from his car, and beat him mercilessly. Then, after bringing the bleeding man to the station, they made him sit — without medical attention even being requested — and watch as they laughed and re-enacted moments from his arrest.

The arrest happened two months ago. Floyd Dent is seen getting pummeled mercilessly by one cop as others watch.

The video was never turned in, but somehow, it recently surfaced and what these cops are seen doing, in celebration of apprehending and beating this black man, is nothing short of horrible.

With him bleeding and watching on the sidelines as they make fun of him and imitate what happened, and wipe his blood from their hands with disinfectant, they are seen laughing, fist bumping and acting as if they are at a party of some sort.

All they needed now were the drinks.

“It’s disgusting. They make fun of him and he’s right there watching it go down,” said Greg Rohl, who is serving as Dent’s attorney.

Floyd Dent injuries

Dent is said to have been “choked, kicked, punched and tazed 16 times in the head,” according to the off-camera reporter, who adds “Floyd Dent couldn’t even respond to the video, he was too upset.”

Dent does appear on camera in an interview, after being cleaned up, of course. And what he has to say, before he breaks down into tears, is powerful.

Floyd Dent bloody

The video, shown courtesy of Local 4 Defenders, has ended up on social media and for an entity already in deep doo-doo with the public, this video will certainly add more fuel to an already out of control fire.

Dent was said to have broken ribs and bleeding everywhere, by the time the cops finished with him.

I guess if there is anything good that came out of the video, is that when the Wayne County saw the video she threw out Dents charges and issued criminal charges to officer William Melendez – who was the officer choking and punching Dent.

Melendez has since been fired. And the Inkster Police chief, Vicki Yost, has resigned.

Officer William Melendez
Officer William Melendez was fired.

Dent’s attorney says that “as a white man in America I feel like I have to apologize for what happened to Floyd Dent. It’s an outrage.”

Vicki Yost resigned.
Vicki Yost resigned.

See for yourself in the video below.

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