Dude Goes on a 154-Day Chipotle (Mexican Food) Diet…Exclusively

chipotle chicken burrito bowl

*Hey, remember Jared, the “Subway sandwich eating guy” who lost all that weight after devoting his diet exclusively to the sandwich chain?

Well this ain’t him.

But Andrew Hawryluk’s diet of eating Chipotle sounds like a lot more fun if you ask me. Though I doubt he’ll get the same results as Jared.

I mean come on, a Burrito vs. a Subway sandwich with anything in it is going to have more calories.

But Hawryluk, a 23-year-old Los Angeles animator and huge fan of the popular Mexican chain (hey, we’ve got something in common!) has spent the past 154 days eating burritos and claims he’ll keep doing so until he can no longer stomach it.

How did this all began, you ask?

He’s blaming it on Lent – the religious observance for many Christians that begins in February and ends six weeks before Easter. Hawryluk decided at the onset of the “you can’t eat any meat until the end” fast that he was “not” going to give up Chipotle — and even named his determination: “Chipotlent.” But initially, the 46-day streak was only supposed to be an innocent joke sent in the form of a text to his brother, Nick.

But still, Hawryluk said his friends and family weren’t surprised when he started his burrito binge because he already ate it three to four times a week before his challenge even started.

“I’ve been to different ones (restaurants) all over the country,” Hawryluk told NBC News on Wednesday. “I believe 18 different ones.”

He has eaten his usual — a burrito bowl with white rice, chicken, guacamole and lettuce, topped with Tabasco chipotle sauce (Wow! that’s about 605 calories right there!) from California to New York, and Las Vegas to Toronto.

And he has heard the famous line, “Guac is extra, is that OK?” ONLY 21 out of the past 103 meals.

And guess how much his diet cost him over the 154-day journey? On his blog he says it came to a whopping $1,576.43.

Not to mention 111,490 calories worth of food.

Hard to believe any number of burritos could nearly equal the cost of a down payment on a car!

While he doesn’t appear to be a big guy, at least not in the photo shown below, he admits he was curious as to how the eating affected his health.

Chipotle Diet, Andrew H.

He says his bad cholesterol level did go up after eating burrito bowls for 82 days straight. But Hawryluk claims he managed to lower his total cholesterol.

Chipotle company spokesman, Chris Arnold, praised the dedication of Hawryluk and others who have done similar challenges using their menu.

“They’re just doing it for the love of the game,” said Arnold, adding, “It takes an awful lot of commitment to eat anywhere for 100 days or more.”

But I wonder if Hawryluk can still stomach Chipotle food after practically ODing on it?

“I do think I will always be a Chipotle lover,” Hawryluk said. “If 154 days hasn’t (stopped me), I don’t know what will.”

Wow! There’s my answer. Dude, you rock! 

Though that’s not meant to be encouragement for anyone else to try it.


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