OMG! Look at The Latest ‘It Can Wait’ Anti Text While Driving Campaign By AT&T

AT&T campaign

*This is definitely not for the weak. But then again, they may want to watch because it could possibly save their lives.

AT&T is going all out in this campaign that advocates why you should not even attempt to text or look at your device while you are at the wheel.

The video gets you all wrapped up in the families going about their daily business. A little boy is riding his bike and in a carefree manner, admiring what is around him in the neighborhood. A little girl playing in her room asks her mother if her little doll “Elizabeth” can come along with them in the car. And a husband who decided to leave work early is en route to his son’s game while on the phone discussing dinner plans with his wife.

There is so much going on, you soon forget its a commercial, and then BAM!

But instead of this being the end, its just the beginning.

It all goes into reverse, in slow motion. And therein lies the message.

The crash was not actually the result of texting. No one was.

The “It Can Wait” campaign has always focused on texting, but it has now evolved because new research has revealed the prevalence of drivers engaging in other smartphone activities, like social media, web surfing, video chatting and more.

In other words, the focus is everywhere but on driving.

Watch the video directly below. Be advised its graphic.


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