Restaurant Workers ‘Shocked’ By Generous Tips from Customers Anonymous & Known!

*Teenaged Waiter Spends Time Talking With Customer on Slow Night…Gets $1,000 Tip


One teen waiter got the shock of his life for something he actually would’ve done, or did do, for free.

It was a slow night at the Smokey Barque BBQ in Frankfort, Ill., so 19-year-old Brendan Motil, who only recently started working there, got to talking to one of his late-night customers.

I guess all went well with the conversation because when Motil went over to clear the table, he couldn’t believe what he saw left behind.

The $20.31 bill had $1,000 on the tip line!

“My jaw dropped. I couldn’t do anything. I was in shock,” Motil shares in this interview with a local Chicago broadcast station.

Motil said he just chatted about life with his male customer.

The customer probably knew his generosity would shock the young lad, so he hand wrote a note on the back of the receipt that said:

“Thanks for your kind service! You’re doing a great job as a server. I’m not sure what your hopes and dreams are in this life, but I hope this tip helps.”

“My hope is that people [are] more peaceful to each other. The world can be so negative and violent, [so] I commit random acts of kindness…”

Motil said he will use the money towards his college education. We couldn’t begin to imagine how happy this would make his mystery tipper.


*Customer Tips $2,000 Because He Loved the Gumbo!

Tip, gumbo customer loved his meal

Betcha never thought fried chicken, gumbo and an Old Chub Scotch Ale would make a customer so happy he decides to leave a $2,000 tip.

Well it did, and he did. And the staff at Washington D. C’s Blue 44 restaurant is singing the praises of this customer; who has been coming into their eatery for quite some time; but never did this before!

For a bill that came to $93, he tipped them $2,000, and had specific instructions written at the bottom, on who should get what. Chef James Turner got the largest amount of $1,000. Next was the waitress, Laura Dally, who received $500 and even the restaurant owner wasn’t forgotten, Christofer Nardelli, who received $500, too.

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Needless to say, this customer will be treated like royalty at this restaurant for life! Heck, he may even get his picture on the wall!

And the staff was speechless when they saw the incredible note at the bottom of the bill.

“This is the kind of stuff you see in the restaurant business that happens to some guy in the Midwest or the West Coast,” Nardelli told the Washington Post. “You think, who are these people who give these extraordinarily generous tips that just made a server or bartender’s day. And then sure enough, it happened to us.”

Nardelli emailed the customer to express his gratitude. He also wanted to know why they had been given this kindness. The customer simply said he appreciates the place he has come to know.

“He said he’s very happy with what we’ve built and that he’s proud to be a customer,“ Nardelli explained.

That has got to make any restaurant owner feel all tingly inside.

Everyone seemed to have a clear idea of what they would do with their unexpected fortune. For the waitress the tip will cover her summer school costs. And owner Nardelli and chef Turner say they both intend to spend the money on their families.

“To have an individual take the time to thank me for something that I put time and effort into is so appreciated,” Chef Turner told WJLA. that it was incredibly touching to have someone express


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