Brooklyn Man Gets 20 Years in Prison…Killed Teen Who Flirted With Wife

man gets 20 years

*Two years after killing a Trinidadian teen for flirting with his wife, Lawrence Jones has been sentenced to prison, according to the New York Daily News.

Michael Gary, Acting Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge, brought down a sentence of 20 years to life in prison on Friday for the killing of 18-year-old Isaiah Roberts, who flirted with Jones’ wife on a bus.

“Jones killed this young man for no other reason than he believed he [was] disrespected. A simple flirtation on a bus, that happened long before this incident, Judge Gary said as he pronounced the sentence.

Story goes the teen was tricked into going to a location in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy section because a third party was setting him up for revenge for the flirtation.

The woman’s husband and Roberts, an immigrant with designs on becoming an architect, got into an argument. When the teen saw Jones pull a gun out he reportedly turned to run but a bullet caught him in the back.


A 2012 report claims that Roberts was attacked by a man accompanied by a woman. And the gun used in the crime had been hidden in her purse, according to a witness. Five rounds had been fired at Roberts, with one ultimately hitting him in the back.

Police found Roberts lying face down and unconscious on Howard Ave. He was confirmed dead at Kings County Hospital.

Jones reportedly maintained his innocence throughout the trial; saying prosecutors have evidence that confirms one of the witnesses that testified at his trial recanted their testimony, according to the Daily News.


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  1. This is why bible warns us to control your anger because it leads to destruction. This man has a 20-year to life sentence: now, his life is destroyed.

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