New Gallup Poll Suggests You Can’t Go 5 Minutes Without Your Smartphone

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*According to a new Gallup poll, you have become way too attached to your cellphone: 81 percent of smartphone users keep their phone nearby during nearly every waking hour, and 51 percent check their phone at least a few times an hour, according to the new study by Gallup Panel. But the panel also states that 61 percent don’t believe they check their phone as often as their peers.

Only 4 percent out of the 16,000 smartphone users surveyed use their phone once or less than once a day, whereas 11 percent say they use their phone every few minutes, this number doubling to 22 percent when skewed younger, 18 to 29.

Whats more, sixty-three percent of these smartphone users keep their phones close even while sleeping.

And as for iPhone owners, they probably check their phones more often than Android users.

The poll goes deeper, saying those with at least some college education are found to check their phone more frequently: an average of 43 percent claim to check their phone a few times an hour. But those without college check only 34 percent.

Only a third of those who check their phone every few minutes believe this is above-average behavior. This denial may reveal a cultural shame to being attached to one’s smartphone that users will not admit to, according to Gallup.

“It’s possible that Americans either misperceive what others are doing, or that they feel it is a socially undesirable behavior and therefore want to believe that they aren’t doing it as much as others,” the Gallup study says.

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