U. S. Marshal Employee Caught in Sex Act on Roof of Courthouse (Video)

U S Marshal and woman sitting
They were just ‘thinking about’ having sex in this photo

*Ugh, how crass.

And this man is supposed to be protecting the courthouse from potential harm? I guess he was like, I hope nobody comes and blows up the place while I’m on the roof gettin’ my groove on.

The horny U.S. Marshals Service employee is now under investigation for having sex on the rooftop of the federal courthouse in Philadelphia.

Abc27 News news says it was a resident from a nearby apartment building that caught the pair with her cell phone and quickly snapped the photos; catching them butt naked except for the woman’s boots.

 Surprisingly, this same resident said she has seen the pair having sex on the rooftop before – quite regularly. And they are generally up there after hours.

And then they moved on to this.
Doing more than just thinking about it.

The resident sent the photos to Abc27 News and they contacted the authorities for fear that security at the courthouse may be compromised.

The employee is being investigated. And according to a spokesman for the Marshals Service, no breach in security has been made. They also say the unidentified female is the only non-employee who has had access to the courthouse roof.

Right. They should add, “as far as we know.”

Watch the video report below.


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