ThisNthat Quickbits: Watch Man Rip Confederate Flag Off Semi in Moving Traffic


*Some of us will find a bit of pleasure in this video uploaded by Instagram user belladreamhair. It shows a motorist who was apparently sitting in slow moving traffic behind a semi truck with a confederate flag on the back.

Dude got out of his car on the busy freeway and tore that sucker off the truck that was traveling in front of him. To the surprise of probably no one, the video of the man doing this went viral on Tumblr overnight.

Originally said to be set to James Brown’s “The Big Payback,” with the caption “F— THAT FLAG,” (we don’t hear it in the video) this man’s actions of exasperated patriotism is being hailed as heroic by some, not unlike the similar cheers to the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina statehouse grounds by 30-year-old activist, Bree Newsome.

Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe also announced recently that the Confederate flag will be removed from state-issued license plates.

According to an article on the blog, Death and Taxes, responses to online news articles about the man’s removal of the flag from the semi ranged from approval to reprimand as some celebrated his actions while others accused him of violating the truck driver’s First Amendment right to free speech. And seeing as this is the Internet, and people are protected by anonymity, there were also the downright vile and racist comments, including referring to the man and his supporters as, “Confederate flag hating dumb f—–s.”

Watch what all the hoopla is about in the video below and share your thoughts with us.



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