Shocking Radiation Experiments on Black Children Left Holes in Head (Watch)

Radiation treatments
In the video the man wearing the black cap on the right, takes the cap off. You won’t believe what you see underneath! GRAPHIC.


*Your heart will break as you watch the man in this video who not only speaks on the subject of being experimented on as a child, but shows the horrible proof that he lives with to this day.

We know that African Americans in America have endured unspeakable injustices; and those of us who know of slavery only through what we have read and heard are angered and enraged and scream about reparations.

But I find it interesting that someone like the gentleman in this video, who has actually gone through those  horrible indignities; which I find unfathomable, says he is not even angry or bitter.

In an article by Dr. Boyce Watkins, a filmmaker decides to share the story of his friend; who he says started “sobbing uncontrollably” one day. There is a clip (scroll down) from what appears to be a trailer for a film called “Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed.”

Watch the video below. BE WARNED, ITS GRAPHIC. And please share your feelings on it in our comments section.

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