Bobby Seale, Black Panther Professor, Gives History Lesson to D’Angelo (Watch)

Bobby Seale, Then and now.
Bobby Seale, Then and now.

*Former Black Panther, professor Bobby Seale, is riding along the streets of Oakland, California, at the wheel of a green convertible.

His passenger and road dawg for the trip is R&B singer, D’Angelo.

Seale, who co-founded the Panthers along with Huey P. Newton in October of 1966,  is reminiscing about his time with The Black Panthers in Oakland; and starts talking about a speech once given there by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke of boycotting the Wonder Bread company.

D’Angelo talks about how different that time was from today; with the difference in his opinion being, “the leadership.” He also reiterates the misconceptions people had about The Black Panthers activities; such as their Free Breakfast Programs.

Seale says, “The concept of the Free Breakfast Program spread beyond the Black Panthers activities. That was the power of it. That was the key. That was the key, man,” he tells D’Angelo. “We said ‘All power to all the people.'”

Seale also tells a story about a time when the Panthers stood with guns as they watched the police do an activity. He recalls how a cop told them, “You have no right to observe me!” And how, with this statement, fellow Panther, Huey P. Newton, spoke not only of their right to observe, but recited, word for word, to the cop, the entire ruling by the California State Supreme Court.

Bobby Seale (L) and Huey P. Newton (R)
Bobby Seale (L) and Huey P. Newton (R)

And sidebar, for those of us who were around at the time and aware of Huey P. Newton and the Panthers, you recall this was his brilliance.

Newton said to the police officer,

“No, California State Supreme Court ruling says a citizen has a right to stand and observe a police officer carrying out their duty as long as they stand a reasonable distance away. A reasonable distance of that particular rule was constituted [as] 8 to 10 feet. I’m standing approximately 20 feet from you and will observe you whether you like it or not.” –Huey P. Newton

Seale tells the singer how blown away one black man who witnessed the incident was; because he had “never seen such a group of disciplined men standing there with guns, and one reciting the rule.”

There’s more. It’s deep, and only 4:22 minutes.

Source: The New York Times

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