Facebook Employs Only 1% Blacks, None of Whom Are Execs

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*As of March 31, 2015, Facebook had 10,082 people under their employment. These stats come from their own official newsroom webpage. What they didn’t put on there is…

Only 1% of these employees are black. And none are in executive positions.

This info comes via an article on the Financial Juneteenth site, which states that this news was revealed only weeks after Google released demographic data on employment at their company; which showed that only 2 percent of their workforce was black.

Now the Mark Zuckerberg tech mega-monster has come under scrutiny for its own lack of minority hiring. Again.

Word is, these extremely low numbers had always been suspected, but only recently confirmed.

With headquarters in Menlo Park, California, (nickname Silicon Valley due to its high percentage of tech companies) the tech giant came under both praise and scrutiny last year, when civil rights leader Jesse Jackson gave props to Facebook as one of three major companies who had revealed their hiring data (Google and Apple were the other two).

But he also let them know that they needed more diversity; and should work harder to attract and hire more Blacks and Latinos since the vast majority of positions at the companies, especially those in management, were held by whites and Asians.

This was a challenge which Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Chairman and CEO, appeared to take to heart. And while the percentage of white employees did decrease to 55 percent, down 2 percent, over the past year, those percentages did not go to minorities.

Instead, it was the percentage of Asian workers that increased to 36 percent (up from 34 the year before).

According to a report by News One, the number of “Hispanics and blacks or those of ‘two or more races’ remained flat at 4 percent, 2 percent and 3 percent, respectively.”

The Guardian reported that as of the latest EEO filing, there were only 45 Black employees at Facebook out of the 4,263 employees in the U.S. and only 11 of them were female.

None of the executive or senior management staff are black.

Meanwhile, Google has taken strides to improve its diversity by stepping up their game and investing $150 million into projects such as embedding engineers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, increasing the number of minority and female scientists and computer experts in movies and television to encourage youth of all colors and genders to pursue those careers, and teaching computer coding to high school students of color.

But Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, says nothing will change if not approached through the means of education. Sandberg told USA Today that “the key to getting more women and minorities into the technology field has to start with improvements to education. We are not going to fix the numbers for under-representation in technology or any industry until we fix our education system.’”


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