ThisNthat Quickbits: Are We Bananas or Is This One Handsome Gorilla? (Photos & Video)

They call me "Shabani." What's your name sugar?
They call me “Shabani.” What’s your name sugar?

*Hey, we gotta give credit where its due. And who says human males are the only species and sex that can be called fine.

Well they lied.

Take Shabani the gorilla. Japanese women are said to be getting to the zoo to see him by any means necessary.

And its not like he doesn’t realize he’s got their attention. Just look at the photos. After a while he just starts posing for them.

Talk about being ready for your close-up.

The recently discovered “sex symbol?” (their words, not mine) has actually been living at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan since 2007. But I guess it was only recently that he began to grow into his looks.

Apparently, he’s feelin’ himself too, at least from the looks of the photos and video below.

You said turn 'left' right?
“You said turn ‘left’ right? Ignore the fact that my private parts seem to display I’m not a male after all. We’re just having fun here so, just go with it, ‘K?”

RocketNews24 reports there’s been a spike in young women visiting the park specifically to see Shabani. On social media, they post comments like, “This era isn’t just for Johnny’s! It’s for sexy gorilla Shabani!” If you’re wondering who the heck Johnny is…So are we!

“OK, I’m gonna have to leave after this photo. For any more you’ll have to contact my agent. I know the zoo is making a lot more money now because of me, and I’m not getting any extra grub so…can you say, ‘CONTRACT RE-NEGOTIATION?’

See ‘Shabani’ the handsome gorilla in action in the video below.

See more “sexy photos” of Shabani here…But before you go

You’ll be amazed at the relationship this woman cultivated with a gorilla named “Koko” in this video below.

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