Not a Good Look: Two Black Teens Attack White Girl Holding Child (Photos)


*While I don’t know what happened, if anything, to offset this vicious attack of a girl sitting down on a park bench holding a child, while two black apparently teen girls and a teen boy, taunts her and her companion, I do know this.

It ain’t cute.

It’s ignorant. Dumb. And these young girls need to be caught and held accountable for their actions

We all know things have been real crappy for black folk as of late. You’ve seen the news, there is no need to regurgitate it. But that is no excuse to just walk up on a person and take it out on them.

The last time that happened, nine people lost their lives.

Now Texas police are looking for these girls and you best believe the good ole Texas boys WON’T REST until they find them because that’s how THEY roll.

The horrific assault happened last Friday on the playground of a Garland ISD elementary school.

Cell phone video caught the incident showing the two black females standing over two white females as they sat on a park bench. One of the black girls orders the white girl to “get up!” This appears to be in response to a black male onlooker who is prompting the anticipated violence.

“Put the baby down,” says the black male who is with the attacker.

Without warning, one of the black females brutally grabs one of the white females by her hair and literally drags her off the bench and onto the ground. The baby falls from the woman’s arms and can be heard screaming in the background.

Meanwhile the same male who told the victim to put her baby down can be seen dancing as the victim is being beaten on the ground.

The female attacker showed no regard whatsoever for the safety of the toddler.

Reports from claim police in Texas are asking for help from the public as they investigate the case. They need you to call 972-412-6200 if you have any information.

Unofficial UPDATE: Apparently, SOMEbody knows SOMEthing because just take a look at the post below. If what led up to this attack is true, based on “Colleen Christine Escott” we are possibly headed towards an “eye-for-an-eye” society. You do one. I do one.

Not a good look at all.

And scroll down to see who really suffers.

post on brutal beating of white girl by black teen

 And this was the outcome, so far…

baby hurt from teen girls attack

No one wins here? But we see who suffers…

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