One Hot Mess: A ‘Love Triangle’ Between an Attorney, His Client and His Judge Wife…?

Love triangle

*Go ahead, shake your head, because I’m shaking mine.

Let me put the disclaimer out there now by way of the word ALLEGEDLY. It appears an attorney in New Orleans, along with his wife, a federal Judge, has got some explaining to do. The husband has been accused of cheating on his wife, with one of his clients.

Now, wait: I know what you’re thinking. People cheat all the time, so why is this news.

Bear with me as I make an attempt to simplify it for you before going into greater detail.

The problem here is, the client is being represented by the attorney she is having an affair with; and the judge (the attorney’s wife) is now believed to have had motive in fulfilling a prosecutors request.

Oh hell, this is just messy!

And its messy for the federal prosecutors who are struggling to untangle the mess

U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Wells Roby, her husband, attorney Clarence Roby and his client, businesswoman Lisa Crinel are linked due to Crinel being the subject of a federal investigation into Medicare fraud.

She has been accused of stealing $30 million dollars from the government via fraudulent Medicare charges towards her home health care company.

The messy “love triangle” was actually uncovered by accident; after judge Roby was asked by federal prosecutors to sign off on search warrants for Crinel’s business.

But the prosecutors think the judge knows more than she’s saying. They believe she was on to her husband’s affair with his client; which gave her a great motive to sign off on the search warrants with such zest!

But then the client, Crinel, turned around and sued her attorney for violating professional conduct and committing “legal malpractice.”

She’s asking for $1 million in assets seized by the feds and compensation for losses incurred as a result of her boyfriend Roby’s malpractice.

The affair was news to the prosecutors, who claim they had no knowledge that the judge’s husband was involved with Crinel — or that he was even representing her — when they asked judge Roby to sign off on the warrants.

Now they think the judge not only knew of the relationship, but believe she may have even driven by Crinel’s business for a
look-see” while the feds were carting out boxes of evidence.

But the prosecutors say they don’t believe Crinel even knew her attorney-boyfriend was married and complained about this via email messages to him saying things like,  “we can’t stay locked up in this house,” and griped about how he never called her during the day or in the mornings after they had sex.

But Clarence Roby did caution her to send emails to his personal email address and not his business email.

“Nothing about this email suggests that Clarence Roby or Crinel actively flaunted their affair,” prosecutors wrote in federal court documents.

Whoo! We wonder how this hot mess will turn out!

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