New Google App Let’s You Get Your ‘Oops!’ Email Back!

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*Don’t all of these apps start getting on your nerves after awhile? It seems “there’s an app for that” now applies to everything you do, think, feel, or care to be.

Damn. Even the things designed to make life smoother for us can become overwhelming.

But sometimes, not often, but at times, an app comes along that seems to be right on point. And that app appears to be Google’s latest revelation: “The Oops, I didn’t mean to send that to him app.”

Well, that’s not the formal name for it, but that is what is was created for.

Here’s an example:

You: “I can’t stand this damn job. My supervisor is so stupid. You won’t believe what he came in here and said to me this morning. I swear, sometimes I think a monkey could do the job better than him. I’ll talk to you later girl.”

You press send.

You: “Wait. What? But I thought …No! No! Noooooo!”

You thought you were sending it to your gal-pal. But you actually sent it to the “supervisor” you referred to.


Not to worry, now you can get it back…Retrieve it before they ever see it. Whew! (I hear your sigh of relief way over here.)

But first, you’ll need to have a Gmail account, because it is this email account that it works through.

Using the “Undo Send” button, you can utilize a delay on your outgoing messages by at least five seconds. And if you are a member of the “I’m so paranoid” set, you can add delay time in the form of a 30-second lag.

Now, of course, this still may not be enough time. Especially, if you’re like me, and that nagging thought that I may have sent it to the wrong person catches up to me say, 10-minutes-later. But oh well…

For those who already have a Gmail account, the “undo button” is not really new. You may have already gone to Gmail Labs, the experimental section of the site since 2009, and installed it.

But now the Google crew has seen how popular it has become, so they decided to give it an upgrade on Monday. Wonder why they waited so long?

To turn it on, click “Settings” under the gear icon, and choose your cancellation time period. Users who had already opted for the function under Google Labs will have their preferences turned on by default.


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