Aboriginal Girl, 3, Shamed By Grown Woman for ‘Elsa’ from ‘Frozen’ Costume


*Think racial hatred against black people is only alive and well in America? Think again.

And ignorance is even more far-reaching. This time we find an incident in Australia, where, according to The Daily Mail a 3-year-old girl was left in tears when she went to a Disney event in Melbourne, Australia dressed as one of her favorite characters from the film, “Frozen.”

Rachel Muir, the little girl’s mother recalls how excited her daughter was as they both stood in line at a shopping center, waiting to participate in the fun event. Samara was dressed up as the Frozen character Elsa, when a heartless woman and her children did the cruelest thing ever.

“The lady in front of us turned around to Samara and said, ‘I don’t know why you’re dressed up for, because Queen Elsa isn’t black,'” said Rachel.

Little Samara was devastated. But that wasn’t the end, the children of the woman joined in and had their own hateful comments.

“I asked the woman what she meant by the comment, and then one of the woman’s young daughters screwed up her face, she pointed at Samara and said, ‘You’re black, and black is ugly,'” adds Muir.

If ignorance paid money, many people would be rich by now.

The cruel words hurt Samara so badly that she refused to participate in upcoming Aboriginal activities because it reminded her of her skin color. The Courier notes Rachel took to her social media to vent her frustrations and address the unacceptable behavior.

“The saddest part of it all is that racism is alive and well and the next generation are being subjected to it,” wrote Muir. “Nobody is born into this world a racist. It is learned behaviour. It can be changed.”

But it appears little Samara can now have the last laugh (at least she’ll appreciate it better when she’s older). The Disney on Ice production Dare to Dream! reached out to the little girl and her family with an unforgettable opportunity. Samara was invited to one of their shows, and even asked to participate in the program!

It is unconscionable that any adult, especially a mother of young children, would foster this kind of mean-spirited, racist behavior. Even a 3-year-old, a toddler for heavens sake, is subjected to racial ignorance.
Shame on this woman.

I have no doubt she, and those like her, will get their due. Remember, every cause has an effect.

And hers will manifest when she least expects it!


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