Watch: Bay Area Teacher Gets ‘Creative’ — Instructs Students to Do Selfie With Parents’ Sex Toys


*Well here’s something to send any parent into an ‘OMG do you think he saw my (you fill in the blank)?’ frenzy. A high school teacher in Alameda who was probably thinking ‘Oh here’s a way to show how hip and cool I am’ — instructed his students to go home and rummage through their parents drawers in an attempt to find provocative items (read: sex toys, condoms, CDs, etc.) and take a selfie with it. Then they were to report back to school and be ready to present.

Too bad Mr. Cool won’t be around to see how it all went. Placed on administrative leave as the school interviews parents and rummages through his desk and grade books, the teacher is sitting at home fiddling his thumbs, wondering if he’ll have a job tomorrow.

But what the hell was he thinking, you might wonder. It could be something as simple as previously mentioned; because teachers often try a variety of tactics to be more relatable to youth; but hopefully not to the chagrin of integrity.

Once the school administrators learned of the risqué assignment they contacted the Alameda Unified School District, and according to spokesperson Susan Davis, that’s when the investigation began.

“We take reports like this seriously,” Davis said. “We know that it’s hard for the public, and especially for parents, to hear that we can’t talk about the details of the investigation in public. But that information has to be kept confidential, both to protect the rights of all involved and to preserve the integrity of the investigation.”

But parents are not impressed by the actions of the district, and request that the teacher be fired.

What do you think led up to this particular homework assignment?

Watch the video report directly below.


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