Enraged Wife Killed While Chasing Cheating Husband in Vehicle With Girlfriend

wife killed in car accident

*No, this is not a scene from The Young & The Restless or General Hospital. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this story is all too real.

Nancy Acosta, the mother of three, lost her life on Thursday, June 18, as she was behind the wheel of her car chasing her husband, who was inside another vehicle with a woman.

In hot pursuit, Acosta crashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle and died at the scene.

According to local news reports Acosta side swiped the car carrying her estranged husband and his suspected girlfriend before losing control of her own vehicle and wielding uncontrollably into oncoming traffic.

The driver of a blue Honda CRV hit her car, and was hospitalized as a result. There is no word of the drivers’ condition. Meanwhile, the husband and his girlfriend were unharmed.

“Spouse, ex-spouse getting into an argument or whatever and taking it out on the roadways. It’s such sad situation,” said Deputy D. Wilkie, an investigator with Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 3. “She was reaching speeds pretty high,” said Wilkie. “Spinning around out of control and that’s when she got hit in the driver’s door.”

Acosta’s friend says the woman’s husband would only come home to shower and eat, but he’d never help his wife with the children.


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