Woman in China Pays to Rescue Dogs from Annual ‘Meat Festival’

Yang Xiaoyun
Yang Xiaoyun gets an “I will love you forever” kiss from one of her many “friends.”

*A woman after my own heart, is what many of us animal-lovers are thinking after reading the headline to this story.

Yang Xiaoyun, 65, may not strike you as a wealthy woman; but that didn’t seem to hold her back from paying a sizable amount of money to rescue 100 dogs from being eaten during an annual dog meat festival, according to a media statement on Sunday.

The animal-loving Xiaoyun paid about 7,000 yuan (US$1,100) to save the dogs in the southern city of Yulin on Saturday, web portal Netease reported.

Yulin holds the festival, devoted to the animal’s meat, on the summer solstice, annually and the event has been deemed “cruel” by animal activists.

According to reports Yang intends to keep the dogs at her home in Tianjin — nearly 2,000 kilometres (124 miles) away.

chinese woman with rescue dogs2

A vendor waits for customers at a corner makeshift “market” with caged canines for sale

Though locals swear by the “humane way” that nearly 10 million dogs are killed each year for the festival, where their meat is served with a fruit called lychees; activists have come from near and far to protest the event, and even purchase some of the dogs to save them from the cooking pots.

Eating dogs is unusual in many parts of China. And a report published this month by Hong Kong-based charity Animals Asia claims the majority of “meat dogs” in the country are stolen pets and strays.

Helping fuel the animal rights activism in the country is the fact that approximately 30 million households there keep dogs as domestic pets.

Yang Xiaoyun2
Yang Xiaoyun

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