Teen Carjacks SUV at Gas Station, Father Clings to Car With Son Inside

Malcolm Milliones
Malcolm Milliones

*Our worst nightmare became a father’s reality. While a man was pumping gas, a teenager jumped inside his SUV and carjacked his vehicle. The man didn’t let go. Instead, he held on to the truck to protect its precious cargo.

His 8-year-old son, who was in the back seat.

Malcolm Milliones and his fiancee’s had driven separate cars on the Sunday that the incident happened. But they both pulled in to the gas station at the same time, with Milliones’ driving the woman’s 2014 Kia Optima.

Milliones said that his fiancee went inside to pay for the gas, and just moments after she came out, while he was taking the gas cap off, the teen jumped in the car.

The father describes how the teen, “…jumped into the window of the SUV on the passenger side, and pulled off, and that’s when I was giving chase, holding onto the side of the truck.”

Milliones clung to the side of the SUV as the carjacker sped off, and held on for nearly a quarter of a mile; pounding on the window trying to warn the driver that his kid was in the back seat.


The driver finally saw Milliones and became startled.  Thankfully, his son, Rashaan, was able to jump out as his father was close to losing his grip.

The carjacker did get away, and even had an accomplice reportedly following behind in a black Toyota Corolla.

Milliones suffered a broken arm, bruised toe and other injuries in the chase.

And that’s not necessarily the end of this story.

Making bad matters even worse, this car theft was not the first; not even the second, but the THIRD time for the Milliones’s family — which has caused them great concern.

“It’s gotten to the point now where we’re talking about moving.

Police did locate the stolen SUV and are now in the process of dusting for fingerprints to locate the suspect and his accomplice.


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