Dad in Jail After Killing Family Dog that Mauled Toddler Daughter

Man jailed for shooting dog


*Going to any lengths to protect your child is, of course, an instinctual thing for a parent. And though some may take lightly the fact that a pet is involved, when the pet has been a part of your family, and has played safely with your child with no incidents prior, its not such an easy pill to swallow. As a matter of fact, it downright sucks.

No one knows that better than Chris Ford, a father that resides in Phoenix, who was put in the unfortunate position of killing his dog after he found it mauling his 4-year-old daughter, Zaynah.

Ford says that although his child and his pet played together regularly, no one was more surprised than him to run out to the yard after hearing his daughter scream to find the dog, a pit bull named Toben, attacking her.

“My baby is bleeding, I can’t even see her face, I don’t know where all the blood is coming from, I just see a big hole in her head… I pulled him off my daughter; I threw him, as soon as I threw him I grabbed my daughter and ran inside,” Ford told the local media.

Using his mother’s rifle, Ford went back outside to find the dog cowering in its kennel. That’s when he took the rifle and shot into the cage four times.

“I shot down; I shot my own dog four times because he attacked my daughter,” he said.

Then he called 911. 

Now he is being charged with animal cruelty. But the charge may be exacerbated by a prior conviction of identity theft against Ford in 2004. As a result of that case, he was not supposed to have or be around fire arms.

“I felt that it was my responsibility at that point because if he was a killer dog, he was still part of my family,” said Ford.

Ford told Fox Phoenix that he stands behind what he did nevertheless, because the dog was most likely going to be put to sleep anyway.

“No matter who shows up the ending result is still gonna be this. A dog attacks a child, you think he’s gonna live?”

Zaynah’s injuries are serious, but the prognosis is that she is going to be fine.

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