‘Bloods’ Rape, Strangle & Set Pretty Baltimore Teen on Fire (Watch)

Arnesha Bowers

*Baltimore high school student Arensha Bowers had just completed her SATs and was looking into college options. With school just ending, she was, not unlike other teens, celebrating the summer emergence by going to parties. At one of these parties, she met Adonay Dixon, 23, and John Childs, 20, but its doubtful she knew they belonged to a gang.

But the two alleged ‘Bloods’ must’ve gotten into conversation with the girl, who most likely shared personal information about where she lived and who she lived with: her grandmother, Sandra Bowers,.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the 11th-grade student was brutally murdered earlier this month by the two men she had taken on as “friends.”

Somehow, the men got the impression the grandmother was wealthy and they began to prey on Bowers in hopes of gaining access to the home and stealing property.

According to a police report, “They believed the house would contain items of value because Arnesha’s grandmother has a job and owned two vehicles, and planned to break into the property and steal any valuables.”

Bowers’ grandmother had picked her up from an apartment building where Dixon and Childs lived on Saturday, June 6. According to what Childs told investigators, Dixon followed the girl and her grandmother home. But he and Childs returned to the home later when he knew that the teen’s grandmother was at work.

The two men entered the residence through a basement window, and police say that Dixon planned to place Bowers in a choke-hold if she woke up during the burglary. But when teen woke up and saw the men in her home, things went haywire.

murderers of arnesha

Childs told police that Dixon dragged Bowers into the basement; and stayed down there for 30 minutes before he reappeared and said they needed to leave because the house was on fire.

After the smoke cleared, it was discovered the teen had been raped, strangled and set on fire.

Thanks to tips from the community and evidence collected at the scene, police were able to track down the suspects; who had gotten away with $40, an iPad and a laptop. 

“They have ripped my heart out and turned my world upside down. She was a bright light and now she will forever shine in my heart,” Bowers’ grieving mother told WJZ.

 Watch the video report directly below.

4 thoughts on “‘Bloods’ Rape, Strangle & Set Pretty Baltimore Teen on Fire (Watch)”

  1. Goes to show you, no one is trust worthy in these last hours. Totally unnecessary. Thank God they were caught though.

  2. what kind of animals are being brought into the world these days. Why are parents failing to raise decent human beings.
    Just because the grandmother has a job and two cares they ignorant jackasses were going to rob her house because they thought she was rich. How sad the young girl had to die so tragically and so young. I hope those two punks get tortured in jail. So happy the community spoke up and that’s how crimes get solved by telling what you know.

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