Uber Driver, Nayal Salem, Arrested for Fondling Self in Front of Passenger (Watch)

Uber driver fondles self

*Oh god. As a constant Uber passenger, I just don’t know what I would do if confronted with something like this. But I do know it wouldn’t end well…for the driver.

As a service many of us have come to depend on, and even enjoy, its disconcerting to say the least, to hear that a Philadelphia Uber driver had the audacity to get into the back seat of his vehicle and fondle himself in front of a female passenger.

Fortunately, he was arrested after this was caught on video.

Nayal Salem, 57, had driven the woman from Sea Isle City, N.J., to Avalon, N.J., where she had a summer home, over the Memorial Day weekend, according to Avalon police.

When Salem arrived at the woman’s destination, he hopped into the back seat where the woman was sitting, locked all the doors, and started fondling himself over his clothes, police said.

While rubbing his groin, Salem said to the passenger,

“I love your body, my god I love your body,” as heard on the video below that was posted to social media. “Your body is beautiful.”

In the video (which has since been taken down), the woman appears to slur her words as she repeatedly tells Salem, ‘I don’t, I don’t’ in response to some question he apparently asked her before she began filming.

This seemed to turn Salem on, as he continued to grope himself and responds,

‘No, you do, you do. Why you say you don’t? You do.’

Salem may be of Armenian descent, but its difficult to identify the accent for sure.

He says,

‘You keep saying you don’t? Well, what do you want me to do?’

The woman says: ‘I don’t know, you’re bugging me out. What?’

Looking affronted, Salem eventually climbs out of the car as the woman says: ‘F**** weird’

He mumbles something then says:

‘Have a good night. Call me alright?’

Before the video cuts out.

Salem was arrested and charged with lewdness, false imprisonment and harassment and is scheduled to appear at the Avalon Municipal Court on June 22.

Uber reports the driver was fired after the video surfaced and according to NBC Philadelphia noted he was not licensed to operate an Uber in New Jersey.

The company charges a $1 safe rides fee which they say offsets the cost for things such as background checks; and they supposedly amped up their security last December, after a number of drivers were arrested for sex crimes against customers.

The video was posted by Jarrett Abello, a friend of the woman passenger. He offered to spread the video and keep her name out of it.

“All she wanted was to get the word out about this creepy ass Uber driver,” Abello said. “She was very disgusted, pissed off and looking to get some justice.”

The video has since been removed by moderators on Facebook and YouTube, he said.

Of course that means nothing in the internet world. So you can see the sicko creep in action below, for yourself.

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  1. I can’t imagine anything like this but he would have gotten his @ss kicked with one of the high heels I would be wearing. But another way she could have gotten him. Lift her skirt up and pull out her penis – If that wouldn’t scare him hell I don’t know what will. However these days, men like that shhhhh……

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