Chicago Zoo Employee Fired for ‘Rude White People’ Remark on Social Media (Watch)

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*Does it appear that some kind of race is being run to see how many people can get fired for saying stupid stuff on social media?

Let’s see, last week a school teacher got fired for her verbal support of the cop in the Texas pool party debacle. And before that, a principal was fired for a racist rant at a graduation that was uploaded to social media and went viral.

Now, the latest firing comes from a young woman employed by the Brookfield Zoo; who posted she was tired of ‘serving these rude ass white people.”

And dumb actions don’t discriminate. The perpetrators in these examples had one thing in common: they were all females; but unlike the females in the previous cases, this woman is African American.

Rochelle Robinson, 22, said she received a lot of backlash (which she thought was unfair) after posting the complaint on Facebook and told the Daily News she regrets her comments and blamed it on a moment of frustration.

She also says she actually quit her job because she was afraid of retaliation.

“I absolutely didn’t want to offend anyone with what I said,” she said. “I would tell people not to post their problems on Facebook. A lot was made out of nothing.”

Robinson worked at the zoo’s concession stand, and said that the majority of her customers are white and she often felt disrespected. She said people would also call her names, throw items at her and steal food from her cart.

The Chicago resident, who was working at the zoo for her second summer, said she had a momentary slip of anger Monday after customers refused to acknowledge her when she tried to talk to them.

“I just got fed up,” she said. “I felt like $8.55 (an hour) was not enough to be treated like that,” she told the media.

And that’s when she vented her frustration on a Facebook account under the name Shana “Poohpooh” Latrice. She posted a picture of herself in uniform and captioned it, “Wassup y’all? At work serving these rude ass white people.”

But unfortunately for the frustrated employee the post was quickly shared multiple times on social media and is making the rounds across the Internet. She later changed the name of her page so people couldn’t see her.

Robinson admitted to being up until 4 a.m. Tuesday morning reading the onslaught of negative comments towards her; many of which she claims was far more racist and insulting than what she had written, she said.

She also said she is not a racist and went to schools that had a majority white student body in the north side section of the city. Her grandmother is also part-white, she said.

“I’m not racist against my grandmother,” she said. “In fact, I have some white blood in me.”

But it was after the zoo started getting overwhelmed with complaints on Monday from angry customers who threatened not to return that they made the decision to fire her, a zoo spokesman told The News.

Robinson said she didn’t discuss the situation with the administration but decided to quit Tuesday morning because she was afraid she would be targeted by customers if she continued to work there.

The Brookfield Zoo released a statement on its Facebook page calling her action’s unacceptable.

“This employee’s statements in social media are in violation of our policies and do not reflect our institution’s values,”the statement read.“We have zero tolerance for these kinds of divisive behaviors.”

The organization added they took “prompt action to remedy the situation” Tuesday.

“We hope you continue to hold Brookfield Zoo in high regard and not let the actions of one individual overshadow the longstanding good work of the Chicago Zoological Society,” the zoo stated.

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