‘White Silence=White Consent’ (Behavior of ‘White Kids’ at McKinney Pool Party, Commendable)

McKinney, white and black teens with signs

*Let’s give credit where credit is due dammit.

No, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to celebrate people behaving in way that would ordinarily be seen as…just being human. But seriously, today, the sound of racism is so loud that those speaking out against it, who are not black, are hardly even heard.

Not everyone white is down with this sh*t!

What happened in McKinney, Texas, at that pool party, where black teens were harassed by police in broad daylight was like a scene out of the early 1900’s; where signs were displayed around hotel swimming pools that stated, “No coloreds allowed.”

But the actions of the white teens at the McKinney pool party; who actually made the behavior of the cops and the woman making racist comments before they arrived, known, should be recognized.

Brandon Brooks recorded the incident on his cellphone and uploaded it with captions on Youtube
Brandon Brooks recorded the incident on his cellphone and uploaded it with captions on Youtube

If it were not for 15-year-old white teen, Brandon Brooks, who recorded the harassment on his cellphone, uploaded it to Youtube, and gave a detailed account of what happened according to a report by Buzzfeed, chances are the incident would have been the cops word against the black teens.

And we know how that would have ended.

On his Youtube page, along with the video footage, Brandon wrote:

“So the cops just started putting everyone on the ground and in handcuffs for no reason. This kind of force is uncalled for especially on children and innocent bystanders.”

In the Buzzfeed report, Brooks says, “I think a bunch of white parents were angry that a bunch of black kids who don’t live in the neighborhood were in the pool.”

And Grace Stone, a white 14-year-old, said when she and her friends spoke out against the white adults’ comments that the black pool party guests should return to “Section 8 [public housing],” the older women became violent.

Brandon Brooks is convinced he was spared because of his race.

“Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic. [The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.”

“You can see in part of the video where he [the cop] tells us to sit down, and he kinda like skips over me and tells all my African-American friends to go sit down,” he said in a Monday interview with CW33.

We celebrate all of our youth. Whether they got through the difficult process of high school; didn’t succumb to the challenges of being a teen and went on to college and succeeded at that.

Why not celebrate them for brave acts and human decency that will encourage change. The future, after all, is in their hands.

Read more about what these teens had to say in an article by  Jenée Desmond-Harris.


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