Sonic Drive-In Throws Employee Under the Bus When Photo of Food in Restroom Surfaces


*Nothing but nasty in every possible language.

When a dad was faced with the chore of leaving the movie at Sonic Drive-in (Yes, they apparently still have those) to take his kids to the restroom, we’re sure he didn’t expect to see food stored in there.

But lo and behold, he did.

So what else was a mortified dad to do but take a picture and put it on Facebook.

Josh Benteman took the original photo of loaves of hamburger and hotdog buns right next to the toilet at the Sonic Drive-In in Topeka, Kansas.

So when 13NEWS caught wind of it, thanks to many of you, they contacted the Drive-In corporate offices; who told them that the incident was being investigated by the owner of that franchise, which is located at the intersection of SW 29st Street and SW Gage Blvd.

When the media reached the franchisee, they were told by Jason Acock, Sonic’s Manager of Corporate Communications, that “an employee made an error by storing the bread racks in the restroom for 30 minutes.”

He added that the buns were discarded as soon as the manager found the buns in there.

Health inspectors went to the restaurant first thing Friday morning and “found no issues with food safety,” Acock said.

“Sonic and its franchisees primary concern has been, is and will be keeping customers safe by serving safe, wholesome food and drink,” he continued.

So what’s left to do? According to Acock, the restaurant plans to counsel the employee and provide more training for the entire staff.

Seems to me this should have been step 1 upon hire. But who’s counting…

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