Are You Nuts? Inventor Tests Product With Gun Shot to the Groin! (Watch)



*Now, we know your first thought might be: you know that you’ve really messed up anytime you feel you’ve got to wear a bulletproof jockstrap.

But this product was “inspired” by something a little less, how shall we put this…evil.

So, in an attempt to prove that his invention actually works, one man went so far as to test it — with a gunshot to the testicles.


But Jeremiah Raber obviously felt he couldn’t convince anyone that his product is worth investing in, in any other way.

And hello…lest we forget the groin is the first place you go when it comes to disabling a man.


So when Raber, 38, asked himself, “how can I help mankind,” is it any surprise he came up with a bulletproof jockstrap?

Nutshellz is the name of the brand designed to protect a man’s privates from anything (or anyone) with the intention of hurting him, there.

And the shot to the groin? Well, it got your attention, right?

But seriously, the motivation behind this invention came after Raber witnessed his favorite MMA fighter lose a match after being kicked in the nuts.

“I didn’t expect to leave the bar that night thinking about the best ways to protect a pair of testicles, but I just thought there had to be a better way to absorb the shock from a misdirected kick to the groin,” he writes on his website.

Currently, Nuttshelz are being used by athletes, but military, police officers and SWAT teams are also spending money on the product. And Raber has also began a Kickstarter Campaign where he hopes to raise $30,000 so that he can make  a smaller version for boys.

It will be interesting to see how this goes. In the meantime, take a look at the cringe-worthy video below. 



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