Watch: Police Say Panhandler Had $800 in His Pocket!


*I guess you can say it was a really good day for business for one homeless man; who Slidell police in Louisiana say panhandles regularly in a certain area.

Now, the SPD is using him as an example for the “new face of panhandling” by putting him on their Facebook page in a very unapologetic way.

The police say people always call because the intersection around Gauze and I-10 is overwhelmed daily when homeless people.

But when police picked up 59-year-old Franklin Jones, who they say they arrested because he stumbled into the street, picked up a stolen shopping cart, and urinated in public, they searched his pockets and lo and behold, found $800 in cash stuffed inside.

Like we said, it was a good day for business!

Police say begging is perfectly legal. But they also advise that the best way to assist panhandlers is to offer food and/or services; which they usually turn down.

Watch the video report directly below.

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