Little Girl Shoots Self in Face With Gun Found in Family’s Apartment

girl 4 shoots self in face

*A gun lying around the apartment of one family has left a 4-year-old girl in critical condition with a gunshot to the face.

The shooting occurred on Monday night while the girl’s mother is said to have been outside talking to friends.

The girl is now at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

Investigators conclude that Makayla Manners accidentally shot herself in the face with a semiautomatic handgun around 10:30 p.m. after finding the weapon in the family’s second-floor apartment in Yonkers.

Makayla was in the home with her aunt when the shooting occurred. Her mother is said to be 22-year-old Tantania Manners.

There is no knowledge on how the little girl came in contact with the gun, but police say that they are “investigating the origin of the weapon.”

Christyl Banks, a neighbor, told reporters that she “saw people arguing outside” before she heard a gunshot.

“I heard people screaming and running inside. It was surprising,” Banks added.

But the child was described as “very responsive” after the shooting, by a friend of the family.

“She was squeezing my hand and I was talking to her. She had one eye open,” said the unidentified friend. “She is a brilliant little girl.”

Relatives stood vigil outside of the hospital Monday night, after Makayla was rushed there and taken into surgery.

“This is a life-and-death matter. I have to be strong for you. That’s your daughter, that’s my granddaughter,” Makayla’s grandfather was overheard saying.

“They can’t make me walk upstairs and say goodbye to my first daughter. I didn’t come out here to say goodbye,” the little girl’s dad said.

Makayla is expected to survive. 

Yonkers police say their investigation “is active and ongoing.” And there have been no arrests made so far.

Watch the video report below.

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