Dead Child’s Father Said, ‘I Tried to Warn the Court!’ (Video & Photos)

ji-aire father
James Lee, Ji’aire’s dad

*You may have been struck by the story about a woman who was found pushing her dead child in a swing last week. Residents in LaPlata, Maryland called police after they spotted the woman, now identified as 24-year-old Romechia Simms, around 7 a.m. at La Plata playground.

Police later said that the condition of the child’s body, (no blunt trauma, but rigor mortis had set in) shows the woman may have been at the park for an unusually long amount of time. Possibly overnight.

Simms was taken to a medical facility, and was placed under observation.

But now the child’s father has come forward, with claims that if the court would have listened to his warnings, his 3-year-old son might still be alive.

In an interview with  Fox 5 DC, James Lee, father to young Ji’aire, said he tried to gain custody of his son just days before he was discovered dead.

“I’m not saying she is an unfit parent, but at this particular time, she wasn’t fit to take care of our son,” said Lee, who called Ji’aire his happy “little man.”

Ji'aire Lee
Ji’aire Lee

According to Lee, Ji-Aire’s mother wasn’t ready to be a healthy parent.  He says that the tragedy would have been avoided had someone listened to him.

“I have a stable home for him to be at,” he told NBC. “I have a stable roof for him to be under, for him to have the life that he was supposed to have.”

Lee says Simms had phoned him just two days earlier, saying that he needed to rush to pick her and the child up. But he says when he tried to call just a couple of days later, she was no longer returning his calls.

No information on why he didn’t rush over to them right after the call.

Meanwhile, Ji’aire’s grandmother tells us in the video (scroll down) that her daughter would never do anything to hurt her grandson.

James Lee, Jiaire and his mom

She also says Simms had been diagnosed with a mental illness only a few months prior to this incident.

Simms has been in the hospital since the incident and according to the findings by the coroner’s office, may even end up serving prison time for the death of her child.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account for burial costs for Ji’aire Lee. To contribute to expenses for his homegoing, click here.


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