She Needs Your Help Now: Anorexia Victim’s Weight Plummets to 40 Pounds! (Graphic Video & Pics)

Rachael Farrokh went from this...
Rachael Farrokh went from this…

*It may be easy to look at someone suffering from Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia, and think it is a choice they made.

Our minds may immediately shift to the belief that these people just want to be skinny. They are vain and feel this is what will make them beautiful.

And finally…

They can change this if they really want to.

Oh, if it were that easy.

While these eating disorders may have started with the desire to “look better” — especially for those in the public eye who feel the need to conform to a certain standard of beauty — it certainly doesn’t end there.

And the most surprising thing to learn about this eating disorder is that it has absolutely nothing to do with food.

Do you really think that a grown woman who has allowed her weight to wither down to 40 pounds, is satisfied with the way she looks?

Many celebrities, some who managed to get help in time — and sadly, others who didn’t, have helped put a face to what is known as a shameful secret that no one wants to discuss.

And none more sad than actress Rachael Farrokh, who, at 40 pounds and in desperate need of help, has appealed to her social media family. The 5’7″ Farrokh says due to her fragile condition, no hospital is willing to assist her. She is considered a liability.


To this...
To this…


She has located one facility in the U. S. that is willing to help. Now all she needs to do is raise the money.

After her very public appeal (scroll down for video) which directs us to her GoFundMe page, and the support she is garnering from the public, as well as the inspiration others’ who suffer are now acknowledging, Rachael writes,

“Thank you so much for those that understand it is a disease and not something I chose. It’s not about the food; it’s about many issues layered with trauma and control and having no self worth. If you knew me, you would know that this is a last resort … I’m a person who would never borrow or ask for anything. I love to help people. I am so grateful because not only are you saving my life but lives from countless others I’ve received messages from. Even those who have cancer have said they are going back to treatment and not give up. A girl pulled her head out of the toilet because she thought of the story and is now seeking treatment help. A lot of people do not understand this disease and is extremely difficult and dangerous to overcome. It’s shameful and depressing. Most people are too ashamed to talk about it. Not only is your brain sick, it’s been scientifically proven our neurons fire a different pathway, our brains shrink, you are in constant pain and you feel you deserve it, so it hits you biologically, mentally, and definitely emotionally. So it’s difficult when you aren’t firing on all cylinders. Those that have eating disorders have to deal with it all day every day because you need food to live; it’s not a drug or alcohol problem .. Those you can live without…. Nor do I diminish their pain.. It’s just different. I thought I would only hurt myself for not being worthy enough to eat but it’s not true…. It will ruin lives… And the less pain I can cause someone the better.. I hope you understand by all of your positivity, donations and support, you all have saved so many lives already.

To lend your support to Rachael Farrokh, please visit her at GoFundMe. And if you know anyone who may suffer from this disorder, be a real friend to them by learning the facts and ways you can help here.

Warning: You may be disturbed by the video below that shows a woman in the serious throws of anorexia nervosa


2 thoughts on “She Needs Your Help Now: Anorexia Victim’s Weight Plummets to 40 Pounds! (Graphic Video & Pics)”

  1. Something seems off with this story. Where is her family, and why aren’t they doing whatever they can to get this women help. Also no adult can survive at 40 pounds, let alone have a sound mind to even think of the words in this Go FundMe plea. If someone is writing this for her, they need to be clear and honest, by stating that. This appears to be untrue, but if it isn’t, I really hope she is able to get whats she looking for

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