School Nurse Tells Sixth Grader, ‘I Will F**k You Up!’

Jason Ezzard, sixth grade


*I’d like to think this is just an “accusation” or “speculation” or “alleged” incident. But how can one make that claim when surveillance footage says its not?

A school nurse did actually say, “I will f*ck you up!” to a sixth-grade kid.

What is happening to us as a human race, that we would lose our temper so easily and let such cruel and nasty words leave our mouth, and the target be our youth?

Beverly Barnes, employed as a school nurse at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Jonesboro, Georgia, actually embarrassed 11-year-old Jason Ezzard in front of classmates in the cafeteria when she said,  “I will knock your lights out and I will f—k you up.”

What triggered such a harsh response?

Ezzard and another boy was allegedly tossing a bag of chips among themselves.

Nope, nothing more. That was it.

A report by WXIA-TV says the incident took place in the school’s cafeteria. And Barnes caught Ezzard and another boy throwing the bag of chips back and forth.

“The nurse kept asking why he threw it, (and he) was saying, ‘Huh, huh,’” said one of the witnesses. “Then the nurse got mad and pushed his head and was saying, ‘I will knock your lights [out] and I will f–k you up.’”

Bystanders say Barnes used the n-word and followed Ezzard around “like she wanted to fight” him before a teacher finally stepped in.

This could have easily turned into a “he said, she said” were it not for the surveillance cameras that captured the incident.

Which is how the boy’s mother, Tomeka Ezzard, saw the whole disturbing thing.

“My heart, I swear, was going 100 miles per hour, and I had to remind myself to breathe,” she said. ““She’s abused my child physically, mentally, and verbally, and no one will help me.”

The school did suspend Barnes right after the incident; which happened in October of 2014. But it was only for two days, without pay, before she was permitted back.

Jason’s mom says that was not enough.

“If it would’ve been the other way around, Jason would have been locked up on the spot,” Ezzard said. “I would have been going to pick my child up at the Clayton County Juvenile Detention Center. What makes her any different from Jason?”

The school stood by its actions saying they believe the two-day suspension was appropriate because there were no prior complaints made against Barnes.

They have, however, declined to release the surveillance footage of the incident to the public, citing privacy concerns.


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