Soldier Served Two Tours in Iraq, Only to be Killed at Home (Graphic Video)


*Here we go again.

Another African American man senselessly taken down.

One more black family devastated.

But this time, the family wants you to see exactly how things went down.

So in a very graphic video (scroll down), you will get to see an active-duty soldier who came home after serving two tours in Iraq, in the last moments of his life, at the hands of officers at the El Paso County Jail.

Sgt. James Brown, a new father, had voluntarily turned himself in to the jail in El Paso, Texas, to serve a two-day DWI sentence in July 2012.

Once he got to the station, he called his mother to let her know that he had arrived. But she says they wanted him to stay in jail longer; unless he came up with bail money.

So she did. And the money was sent to the jail the following morning.

But by then, it was too late.

Too late for him to come home alive, that is.

Officers in riot gear tackle the veteran, but no one knows why they are even there.
Officers in riot gear tackle the veteran to subdue him. But Brown offered no resistance whatsoever.

Though the details of what happened to cause the onset of a group of officers who barged in to Brown’s cell are still unknown, it is a video that was recently released from the El Paso County Jail in Texas where he died that is shedding light on Brown’s last moments alive.

In the graphic video, Brown, a big guy in stature, is heard pleading for his life; constantly telling the riot gear-clad officers (in an eerie echo of Eric Garner), that he “can’t breathe” as they subdue him.

It appears the officers entered the tiny cell after Brown, who was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas at the time of his death, did not respond to questions being asked by a guard outside his cell.

Brown pleaded with the officers to remove the mask, so that he could breathe.
Brown pleaded with the officers to remove the mask, so that he could breathe.

Something had apparently occurred off camera that made the veteran bleed; because blood can be seen smeared on the Plexiglass of his cell as an officer coaxes Brown to talk.

We may never why officers chose to storm into Brown’s cell with shields and helmets instead of calling emergency services, but this is what they did.

Brown showed no resistance, and told the officers he couldn’t breathe at least 20 times.

The Huffington Post writes:

Eventually, the officers lift Brown over their shoulders and carry him into another room, where his face is covered with a “spit mask,” according to CNN.

Officers inject him with two shots of lorazepam, a sedative, according to KFOX. Brown begs for water, telling officers, “I’ve got problems.” They eventually give him a small cup half-filled with water. After the officers take Brown back to his cell, his breathing worsens. He can be seen on the floor, unresponsive.

On the floor, Brown lays half-naked, breathing shallowly and seemingly unable to blink. Eventually, officers place him on a gurney and transport him to a medical center, where he is officially pronounced dead.

An autopsy report showed Brown died of natural causes, citing “sickle-cell crisis,” as a factor. This is news to his family; who says their family member suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and died as a result of his treatment in police custody.
 The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office insists Brown’s death had nothing to do with the officers who handled him while in jail and told CNN:


“Mr. Brown’s death was an unfortunate tragedy… after a thorough investigation it was determined that his death was caused by a pre-existing medical condition.”

The Brown family has filed a lawsuit against El Paso County for unspecified damages. It claims his constitutional rights were violated.

Brown, here with his wife and their new baby.
Brown, here with his wife and their new baby.

Watch the extremely disturbing video of Brown’s ordeal directly below.


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  2. My heart is breaking! What is going on in this country? There should be no place for racists within the confines of the US. The US Military needs to protect our Vets. Please raise a ruckus through your social media contacts.

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