Nut Case Who Cut Deceased Woman’s Face in Coffin, Did Much More (Watch)

Previously misidentified as her boyfriend, Shaynna Simms poses here with her "husband" Montie.
Previously misidentified as her boyfriend, Shaynna Simms poses here with her “husband” Montie White.

*Man, looks may not be everything, but this brother is too fine to be with someone loony enough to do what this woman did.

And trust me when I say, she ‘cleans up’ well (you’ll see).

Surely you recall the incredibly horrific story we published recently about Miss Shaynna Simms (“Jealous Much?”) who was apparently so jealous of her boyfriend’s deceased ex that she went to the funeral home, and while no one was watching, proceeded to cut the dead woman’s face as she lay in her coffin.

Well, we’ve learned two things since then: One, this man is not her “boyfriend,” he’s her husband. And two, we reported she had only cut the woman’s face.

But no, she didn’t stop there.

Simms had apparently been in the funeral home for quite some time. But it wasn’t until people started walking in, and saw her acting in a “suspicious” manner, that they discovered the deceased woman’s face had been sliced from her forehead to the tip of her nose. Her hair had also been cut off.

Come to find out, this crazy woman went even further than that!

Psycho-Simms also cut both of the woman’s breasts off, and one of her toes!

Simms, shown above with her husband, Montie White (and below in a mug shot) was arrested and charged with desecration of a corpse after the deceased woman’s mother chased her out of the Tulsa funeral home.

Shaynna Sims
Shaynna Sims

Originally, the decedents mother had told police her daughter’s face was sliced open and that her shoes had been stolen.

But come to find out, the deceased woman’s sister-in-law, JulieAnn, spoke to NewsOn6 and said that the woman Sims attacked, identified only as “Tabatha,” never had any romantic involvement with Sims’s husband, Montie. Tabatha and Montie had been friends from high school.

Shaynna Sims

JulieAnn also said she doesn’t want people to remember Tabatha as a vandalized corpse, and she stresses that Tabatha, who was an insurance claims adjuster, was a loving mother of four children, ages 4 to 18.

Tabatha passed away on April 29 at the age of 38. No details on how she died have been released as of this writing.

Tabatha (L) via ScallywagandVagabond
Tabatha (L) via ScallywagandVagabond

Officers arrested Sims later that same day at Tabatha’s apartment on South Mingo Road, and reports say she had a folding knife in her possession; with strands of Tabatha’s hair still attached to it; as well as a pair of scissors, a box cutter and various makeup items.

Sims was apparently let in to the apartment by Tabatha’s son. She had told him that she came to get jewelry for the funeral. Not clear if she meant for the decedent to wear or her.

Tabatha’s family still has no idea why she attacked her corpse, but Sims reportedly told authorities the two were “frenemies.”

This is not the first time Sims has had entanglements with the law. The mother of two has also been charged with child neglect and assault and battery. All within a matter of months (February and April, respectively).

But she still has not given a reason for her attack on Tabatha.

Facing a total bond of $20,000 ( $10,000 for desecrating the corpse and an additional $10,000 for an earlier aggravated assault charge) Sims’ bond has been posted and she is out of jail.

JulieAnn has stated that the family does fear retribution.

See a video report on the story directly below and hear the authorities speak on the findings.

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  1. One of the most horrific stories I have ever read. She definitely needs help. Wonder what type of relationship she had with her husband and children.

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