Anonymous Donor Paid Bail for Baltimore Teen Who ‘Smashed Police Car Window’


*We always do this.

A major incident comes and goes. It dominates the news for weeks, sometimes months, and then…


We wonder, “whatever happened to….?” We ask, “How did that turn out?” when thinking about some of the more publicized moments within the incident.

And let’s face it, sometimes we never find out, and something new replaces the thought.

Perhaps another, I wonder.

Well there is one “moment” that was caught on camera during the Baltimore riots that you may have wondered about. But wonder no more because this is what happened.

Remember the young man (pictured above) who was recorded as he stood on top of a police cruiser–smashing the front window, with a traffic cone?

His name is Allan Bullock. He’s 18-years old. And after his parents recognized him on the video, they convinced him to turn himself in; because they felt he should take responsibility for his actions.

We knew that. It was in the news.

He spent 10 days in jail.

But only because someone had a heart, and paid his unusually high bail of $500,000.

Did we know that?

He still doesn’t know who it was.

But he does know why he did, what he did.

“It wasn’t that he died; it was how he died,” Bullock explained while in the presence of his parents and attorney; about why the riots got so out of hand. He admits that the way Freddie Gray died caused him severe grief.

police window

Bullock was working in maintenance at Baltimore City Youthworks before he was arrested and detained for his actions in the riots. His bail of $500,000 topped even that of the officers who were charged with Gray’s murder.

An anonymous source paid for Bullock’s bail following his 10 day stint in the city jail. He was released from police custody on Thursday, May 7.

Bullock’s attorney is still concerned about the bail being set so high. After all, he says since Bullock was born and raised in Baltimore, there was really no chance of him being a flight risk.

Wonder if he’s contemplating some kind of suit.

Bullock was not left with strong feelings against the police. He admits that not all the police are responsible for Gray’s death.


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