Young Scholar Said to Be ‘Smarter Than Einstein’ Now Works on PhD

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry


*What constitutes genius? Well let’s examine this question.

Maybe its someone who has the aptitude to enroll and be accepted into college courses at age 11.

Perhaps it is someone who, by age 14, has enough credits to be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.

But it really might be determined by the fact that the year 2015 brings this candidate a Masters degree, and supports her entry into a doctorate program.

Sounds like 16-year-old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry to me.

She is the owner of the credits listed above. And she is said to have a IQ higher than Mr. Albert Einstein himself.

According to her mother, Wonder, learning was always a passion for Thessalonika. After all, she was able to read and understand college-level books by the time she was 6!

A resident of Great Lakes, IL, Thessalonika always recognized the endless possibilities of learning, and she was home-schooled by her mother until she headed off to college (at age 11).

Apparently, she had no separation anxiety, and loves the college experience!

It was her mother who feared sending her to college at such a young age; but she allowed it anyway, because she knew if she had not, her brilliant daughters’ potential of success would be limited.

Thessalonika was tested and her IQ was measured at 199 (more than 30 points higher than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einsten)!

She has had no trouble at all with the college-level work and it shows.

Thessalonika moved from the College of Lake County to Chicago University and then on to Thomas Edison State College and earned her bachelor’s in psychology. She moved from there to Regent University in Virginia and took courses online as well as in class.

Thessalonika will graduate this summer with her master’s degree in organizational leadership and strategic foresight.

But don’t expect her to be content, she’ll be moving on to obtain her doctorate in aviation psychology.


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